Started by two brothers delivering janitorial supplies by bicycle to neighborhood buildings in the early days of the depression, S&H Glazer Bros. has come a long way with numerous
trucks, painted red, white & blue delivering to all five boros,
Nassau and Suffolk and parts of New Jersey 5 days a week.
Preston & Ronald Glazer are proud of the fact that in this day of the big box store, you can still call and ask for someone whose name is actually on the sign out front.
"We try and meet the expanding needs of our customers with new products, services and a personal touch", says Preston. "Our business is more of a wholesale/jobber with repeat business from high volumn real estate managers and NYC landlords. Even though our hours are not as convienent as the big retail outlets, we are a great resource for the average shopper smart enough to take advantage of us."
Being the "rookie" with only 23 years experience "we really know our business. I've built houses, received my G.C. license, worked with architects and designers; add my brother Ronald into the mix with his 45 years in the business and you know you are in good hands. We grew up in this business. Talk around the dinner table was hardware and appliances."
Whatever your needs, let the 3 generations of experts at
S&H GLAZER BROS. help you. We deliver. We install. We take the old away. Call us today!

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